By choosing this offer , you can ensure the success of your sports projects !

Whether as an athlete good or high level , we will adapt and meet your desires and needs . This offer is made ​​for people who want to improve their performance in recreational or competition , gain muscle mass , start bodybuilding without injury or resume physical activity after an injury ...

Depending on your choices, goals and needs , we choose to separate our proposal supported by two followed . The base remains the same, you're going to start a conversation with the manager Oxsitis ® consulting and an interview with our coach to meet our team and analyze your sports profile. During these interviews we will also ask you to complete some questionnaires and based on the results , we will make you pass physical tests to have an idea on your level of performance (speed, endurance , explosiveness ) . Once these steps are completed we will analyze the results and then offer you two types of personalized follow . The first is to follow by yourself sessions that our coach has prepared you . But if you need someone to support you and motivate you during your sessions our coach will be available to follow you with sessions that will be prepared .

The minimum duration of personalized follow is two months to see a marked increase in performance. During follow-up , we propose the development of protocols to achieve alone or with our coach , personalized advice , a weekly telephone interview and end of each month we renew tests and questionnaires to see the progress . We give you your complete file at the end of each interview .