Stomach pain, stress, weight gain, pervasive fatigue, micronutrient deficiencies , problems with hydration and gastric comfort during the effort, the solution to these problems based on one factor : NUTRITION .


Oxsitis ® Consulting offers to follow you from A and Z in your nutritional approach . Whether to improve your athletic performance , reduce your fatigue feeling , lose weight, gain muscle mass , or find your balanced diet , our qualified and experienced team will do everything possible to ensure that you reach your goals.To best meet your expectations, Oxsitis ® Consulting offers a comprehensive range that goes from diagnosis to monitoring customized.

A series of interviews ( telephone and physical) will allow our team to identify your goals and learn to know you better . Through several questionnaires and analysis (food, biological markers , level of hydration , sleep ... ), our team will make an accurate diagnosis of your status and your eating habits in order to establish a more effective personalized follow .


During this monitoring, our Dietician DE, researcher Physiology Sport you will develop personalized nutritional protocols , offers daily menus from breakfast to the evening snack , solve your problems nutrition effort, and talk to you by phone every week.


A real relationship of trust between you and him will be install , but for it to bear fruit, a minimum follow-up of two months should be considered.
At the end thereof , a second diagnosis will be made ​​to see your progress and your complete file will be provided.