VIZIBL Safety Clip Light - RED

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The VIZIBL clip emits an intense bright light that allows the user to be visible on the road during training in the morning , evening , overnight or simply when the brightness is reduced. This light is an asset for the road safety of the user to ensure good visibility to motorists and other passersby. The clip system of the safety light is designed to provide a firm grip on several types of materials in order to make this product as versatile as possible . It is both lightweight , durable and easy to use. The light attaches easily to all clothes and several types of equipment such as backpacks, helmets, dog collar , etc. . This item road safety may be used for several activities such as running, biking, rollerblading , skateboarding , walking and any other outdoor activity requiring to be visible in the dark . Beautiful shine , summer or winter , it allows the user to be seen by people who meet. Setting function simply by pressing the button. When pressed , the light will be in continuous mode with an endurance of 72 hours. In the second pressure, light flashes in fashion with a range of 144 hours. A third press turns off the light. The main advantage of VIZIBL products compared with reflective strips sewn on clothes is that the user is seen even before the lights of a car to reach it. People who use lights VIZIBL security quickly understand the effectiveness of them by simply noting the behavior of motorists who are more suspicious after seeing it on the floor.


  • Wide angle visibility
  • Firm grip clip
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-Use
  • Weatherproof
  • 72h Steady light or 144h Flashing light

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