VIZIBL Stretch Cycle Light - WHITE

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Flexible Light for bike VIZIBL emits intense light thanks to two powerful LED lights. It allows the user to be visible on the road during his travels in the morning , evening , overnight or simply when the brightness is reduced. This light is an asset for the road safety of the user to ensure good visibility to motorists and other passersby. The sleek design of this safety light is designed to be easy to install and remove the bicycle thanks to its flexible tether . The flexible belt allows light to hold firmly in place by compression of the casing head . It is both lightweight , durable and easy to use. Primarily designed to be attached to the handlebars to the seat or in the fork of a bicycle , it can also be used as small flashlight across stuation . Beautiful shine , summer or winter, this item allows the user to be seen by people who meet. Setting function simply by pressing the button. When pressed , the light will be in continuous mode with an endurance of 50 hours. In the second pressure, light flashes in fashion with a range of 80 hours. A third press turns off the light. The main advantage of VIZIBL products compared with reflectors that are on the bikes is that the user is seen even before the lights of a car to reach it. People who use lights VIZIBL security quickly understand the effectiveness of them by simply noting the behavior of motorists who are more suspicious after seeing it on the floor .


  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to fit wrap around design
  • 2 modes : Steady (50 hours) and Flashing (80 hours)
  • Batteries: 2 x CR2032 (included)

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  • Multi-fonctionnel
  • Design facile à installer
  • Conçu pour s'installer sur le guidon, la fourche avant, le câdre en pointant vers l'arrière et sous la selle de votre vélo.
  • 2 modes: continu (50 heures) et clignotant (80 heures) • Batteries: CR2032 x 2 (incluses)

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